You Should NEVER Wear Your Engagement Ring When Doing These Things…


You’d think most engagement ring wearers would exercise some caution when doing any hands-on activity. You’d be wrong. Here are the most common ways your engagement ring – or you! – can become damaged from normal everyday activities…

Hey, we get it. After the initial novelty wears off your engagement ring pretty much just becomes a part of your body. You barely even notice it’s there most of the time, so you pretty much never remember to take it off unless you’re doing something that could put it in significant danger (like walking through a bad neighbourhood at night and alone, for example). But there are plenty of humdrum ways in which your bling could potentially be damaged or cause damage.


Yes, really. We move around a lot in our sleep and we have no control over those movements. Diamonds have sharp edges, and humans have soft skin. Can you see where we’re going with this? If your engagement ring has an especially large and pointy diamond, you’re guaranteed to wake up with scratches. Take it off!

Applying Hand Cream or Moisturiser

The oils and ingredients in most hand creams won’t actually damage your engagement ring. But if have a habit of rubbing in cream while wearing your ring, you’ll notice that it’s shine dulls pretty quickly. That’s because the metal and the diamond is covered with multiple tiny layers of residual hand cream. Take it off, and don’t put it back on until the cream is fully absorbed by your skin.


In Water or Cold Weather   

Again, water won’t damage your ring. But it will make your fingers contract slightly in size. This is because when you’re exposed to cold water or air your body heat is used to protect your core (where all your vital organs are). With less blood flow going to your fingers and limbs, they naturally shrink. And even a slight shrinking can be enough to make your engagement ring slip off your hand. So take it off!

Playing Sports or Working Out

Okay, this one is kind of obvious. Exercising involves moving around a lot and your engagement ring can easily hit off something and be knocked out of shape, get chipped or worse. But there’s another significant risk. If you happen to injure your hand or wrist – easy to do, no matter what the sporting activity – your fingers can swell, and your engagement ring will have to be cut off. Again, just take it off!

Remember to keep ring in its original box when you’re not wearing it, and in a safe, secure place that won’t be disturbed while you’re gone.

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