Want An Xbox With Your Engagement Ring?

At least you’ll both get something you’ll love, right?

Remember Helzberg Diamonds? It’s a jewellery retailer founded in 1915, with 210 stores across 36 states in the US. Last year they unwittingly got caught up in the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal that rocked Hollywood. How? Because Weinstein’s wife (now ex-wife), Georgina Chapman, is a co-founder of designer fashion label Marchesa. When the explosive allegations first hit the news, Marchesa and Helzberg were just launching a collaborative collection of bridal jewellery. Since everyone wanted to distance themselves from Weinstein, they also distanced themselves from Georgina and Marchesa. The bridal collection was hastily scrapped.

Now it looks like Helzberg are trying to drum up some profits by taking a completely different approach. An eagle eyed Reddit user spotted a rather odd promotion in one of its stores over the holidays; Get an Xbox One S with any purchase of $999.99 or more!

According to Xbox, the aim of the promotion was simply ‘to help spread love and joy throughout the holiday season’. It ran from mid November right up until Christmas Eve and included the console, one controller, and a three-month free trial and membership of Xbox Live Gold and the Xbox Game Pass. On top of that, Helzberg were also running a competition for their customers to win one of 100 Xbox One X consoles. Who knew gamers were such a romantic bunch?

If you happen to be in the market for both a new Xbox AND an engagement ring, this is your dream come true. The console on offer costs at least $200 without any extras – so that’s an extra $200 for a bigger diamond or a fancier setting… or, you know, more games.

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