This Good Engagement Ring Samaritan Made One Couple’s Day

A blooper reel-worthy proposal ended in happiness for one couple, thanks to a good engagement ring samaritan who went above and beyond for them!

You may have seen this video of Seth Dixon and his girlfriend Ruth Salas; it became a viral hit thanks to poor Seth’s nervous hands. While standing over Loose Park Pond in Kansas City, he decided to ask the love of his life to be his wife. As he got down on one knee and opened the little velvety black box, the ring made a daring escape and popped out, falling through a gap in the wooden slats into the river below!

Despite a bunch of their friends leaping into the river afterwards with goggles and snorkels, the ring wasn’t recovered. They assumed the worst and moved on, believing their ring would never be found again. In the meantime, the video footage of the botched proposal was rapidly shared all around the world.

Just one of the people who viewed it was Michael Long, who decided to try his luck finding the ring with a metal detector. Over two days, he spent hours searching the water with his equipment in the hopes that he could ‘help a random couple out and find the ring before someone else did’. His search drew up 25 nails, and old toy car and…. An engagement ring!

After running up to strangers in the park (while still wet from the water) to see if what he’d found was the real deal, MIchael put word out that he wanted to reunite Seth and Ruth with their long lost ring.

In the meantime however, Jimmy Kimmel himself had stepped in to replace the ring and let the happy couple have a do-over of their special moment. How’s that for good karma?! When they found out they had their original ring back, a delighted Seth and Ruth told the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Crew the story, explaining that while they really appreciated the gesture, they didn’t need the new ring anymore. The generous TV host let them keep it anyway, so now they have two beautiful engagement rings instead of none.

That’s definitely a story to tell children and grandchildren in the future. Congratulations to Seth and Ruth!

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