The Perfect Slimline Box for Engagement Rings has Arrived


If you’re planning a surprise proposal and the ring box looks more than a little obvious tucked into your pocket, then you need this in your life.

Two New York jewellers have created the slimline Secret by Parker Square ring box, designed to fit seamlessly into suit pockets or skinny jeans with no conspicuous bulge. The ring lays flat is surrounded by a protective genuine leather casing. The whole thing is same size and shape as a cigarette case or a hip flask.

When the moment comes and you open up the box to reveal the sparkler inside, the hinge action brings the ring back up to a standing position, as it would in a traditional box. It’s super sleek and very sophisticated – check out the video below to see how it works.

The jewellers used Kickstarter to fundraise for their invention, with a target of $3000. They’ve already passed the $10,000 mark, so it’s obvious that plenty of grooms-to-be want to get their hands on one!

If you’re interested, you can pre-order a Secret by Parker Square for $98, or pay extra for a tiny fitted lightbulb fitted to the lid, which shines directly onto the diamond for maximum sparkle.

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