Should you Ask What His Engagement Ring Budget is?


If you’ve discussed the idea of marriage with your other half and you’re planning on getting engaged in the near future, it’s natural to start browsing engagement rings online. When you don’t know what his budget is for your shiny new piece of bling, it’s difficult to know what kind of rings you should and shouldn’t allow yourself to fall in love with! So how should you broach the subject, or should you do it at all?

In our opinion, it’s essential to have an engagement ring budget conversation. It’s just the beginning of a long series of financial decisions you’ll be making together. You’ll be planning a wedding, saving for to buy your own home, possibly planning a family – all of which requires serious financial planning. So you may as well get into good habits early.

Furthermore, setting a budget (and sticking to it) manages both of your expectations; on his side, he knows exactly how much cash he’ll need to hand over, and on your side you have a much better idea of what your limits are.

However, just because you ask the question doesn’t mean he’ll be willing to name a figure for you. Some guys want to keep everything a mystery so the surprise isn’t ruined. If your guy is one of those types, gently suggest that he have some preliminary conversations with a jeweller about what he can get for his price range, and also have your own conversation about what kind of styles, stones etc. you like. Hopefully, he’ll be able to marry (pun intended) the two and get your a ring you love that’s still affordable for him.

Problem solved!

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