Man Offers 5,000 Bowls of Ramen For Finding an Engagement Ring!

That’s a LOT of people with happy bellies…

We knew noodles were a popular dish in China, but they now have a special place in one Chinese native’s heart, forever. Mr. Wang was travelling to the city of Chongqing in the country’s south west, for a very special reason… he intended to propose to his girlfriend.

He had the proposal all planned, and even came equipped with a dazzling three carat diamond engagement ring worth almost $45,000. But something put a spanner in the works. While on his way through the city, Wang mistakenly left his bag – with the ring inside – outside a noodle shop.

Lucky for him, a local passerby saw the bag and quickly handed it over the shop owner for safe keeping. After what we assume must have been a very nerve-wracking 24 hours, Wang returned the next day and was relieved to find his bag, all his belongings and most importantly, the ring, safe and sound in the noodle shop.

Manager Yu Xiaohua said that Wang “asked how many bowls of noodles we sell in a day, and then gave me 35,000 yuan (around $5200), which is 5,000 bowls, saying ‘please invite everyone to to eat for free for the day’”.

Wang also sent a personal thank you letter to the store afterwards, letting them know that his girlfriend had happily accepted his proposal. “Chongqing has the woman I love, and so many nice people. I feel very honoured and happy” it read. Clearly Wang has some good karma coming his way.

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