Jilly Isabella’s Engagement Ring: A Toi Et Moi Sparkler

jilly isabella's engagement ring

The queen of Scottish TikTok has nailed down her prince. 

Fashion influencer Jilly Isabella is engaged to her boyfriend —- sorry, fiance — footballer Andy Halliday. Hearts start Andy got down on one knee on their seventh anniversary in Los Cabos in June, 2022.

A series of sweet snaps show the footballer getting down on one knee, as he makes her his new fiancé. On cloud nine, Jilly wrote: “On our seven year anniversary I said yes to my first love. And if anyone dares bring up how cheesy this is you’re literally not invited to the wedding. Love that for her. 

Surprisingly, Andy did not give Jilly an engagement ring with the proposal. Instead, the promise that she can design it herself, and that she did.

Months after she announced she was engaged, Jilly has finally give us a glimpse at her new engagement ring. Here’s everything we know.

What Does Jilly Isaella’s Engagement Ring Look Like?

jilly isabella's engagement ring

Jilly’s ring is a Toi et Moi (meaning you and me in French) design featuring an emerald cut diamond and a pear.  The emerald cut, known for its sleek lines, and the pear cut, representing tears of joy, create a harmonious union. Both stones rest in timeless claw settings, channeling light to unveil a breathtaking symphony of fire, color, and brilliance. 

This design choice not only enhances their individual beauty but also symbolizes the unique qualities each partner brings to the relationship.

The whisper-thin gold band elegantly frames the stones, allowing them to command attention. Toi et Moi rings, gaining popularity in recent years, symbolize the union of two individuals. In Jilly’s case, this exquisite combination of emerald and pear cuts not only reflects timeless elegance but also celebrates the individuality and unity inherent in her relationship. Anyone who knows both Andy and Jilly knows this couldn’t be more accurate.
The pair are due to get married in 2024, and we cannot wait to see the wedding. Surely there will be pipers?

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