Let’s Talk About Sara Bareilles Engagement Ring

Let's Talk About Sara Bareilles Engagement Ring

She might not write you a love song, but she might just write one for Joe Tippett. Together for five years, the singer-songwriter-actor and the Broadway star are getting hitched! 

Yes to marrying this man,” wrote Bareilles on Instagram. “It’s an easy, earned, relaxed YES. @joetipps you are exactly who I want. The more I know you the more I know I love you…and you have introduced me to parts of myself I was afraid to love. And now I love ME more because of you. So really this is all about me. Just kidding. What a gift you are. Let the games begin. Onward into absolutely everything with you ❤️.” Okay, we’re invested in this pair, and we’re invested in this ring.

Joe proposed to the Love Song singer with a chic gold feather band, and we need to talk about it. 

What Kind Of Engagement Ring Does Sara Bareilles Have?

Instead of boasting a huge diamond or a glittering pavé band, Bareilles’s ring is a delicate gold feather they found at a market. Simple, understated — and it wasn’t the plan at all.

Initially, the couple says they spent a lot of time and energy searching for a flawless sparkler, but instead, they landed on the feather. “We had been looking for the perfect ring and couldn’t find it,” Tippett explains. “And I was like, ‘I just want to do it!’ So, we found this cheap little ring in a market that we both love, and we were like, ‘That’s the thing for now!’” 

The “Love Song” singer notes that in their attempt to find the perfect rock, they lost sight of the big picture. “We were kind of getting sidetracked,” she reveals. “We started looking for a ring, and then, it had to be ‘the ring’ and we were like, ‘The ring is starting to feel more important than the moment.’ And we were like, ‘F*** it, let’s just get a little something.’ Like most things, it’s really easy to get tricked into caring about the wrong things. We keep coming back to, ‘Why are we doing this?’ And it’s like, ‘Oh, because I love you.’” 

In the end, Sara couldn’t be more pleased with the jewel they decided on. The best part of this? 

It means we get another engagement ring from them to gawk over… roll on ring round two.

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