How To Keep Her Engagement Ring 100% Secret

If you’re like most modern couples, you’ve probably talked about getting engaged already. So she definitely knows that, sooner or later, you’ll be asking her that all important question. But she doesn’t know how or where the proposal will happen, or what her ring will look like! To make sure she doesn’t accidentally (or not so accidentally) uncover any clues, here’s how to keep the engagement ring hidden and secret right up until the proposal.

Pay from a personal account

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many guys overlook this one! If you have a joint bank account with your other half, DO NOT use it for the engagement ring purchase. If you move several thousand dollars out of it, she’ll notice. If a jeweler’s name shows up on your account, it’s a dead giveaway too. Use your own personal account and if you must, move small and insignificant amounts of cash from your joint account to supplement it. If at all possible, then do not touch the joint account at all. Got it?  

Don’t leave a paper trail

The second rookie mistake countless guys have made is not concealing the paper trail. Engagement rings come with paperwork: warranties, diamond certificates, and of course the sales receipt. Definitely don’t leave these lying around with the mail or in your home office. Better yet, don’t even bring them into the house or any space you share with your wife-to-be. Keep them at work or even ask your jeweler to hold them for you along with the engagement ring until you’re ready to propose.


Have an iron-clad cover story

Shopping for an engagement ring takes more than just a single afternoon. You’ll probably visit a handful of jewelers before you find ‘the’ ring, and then you’ll have to make a couple more visits to finalise details like sizing, engraving and of course payment. Which means you need a convincing cover story. Make your trips when you know she’ll be out of the house all day, or else have a verifiable alibi. If you say you were with a friend, ask that friend to confirm your story if needed. If you say you stayed at home all day, make it look like you really did stay at home all day!

Choose your hiding place wisely

To eliminate the risk of her accidentally finding the engagement ring before the proposal, do not hide it in any space you both share – your home, your car, not even friends or families’ homes that you regularly visit. To be 100% safe, ask your jeweler to keep it in their safe until you’re ready to propose, and then only collect the ring on the day of the proposal. If that’s not possible, consider your office, or choose a trusted friend who’s storage spaces she’s not likely to be rummaging in. Whatever you do, just don’t put it in your sock drawer.

Ditch the velvet box

Image Source: Ring Stash

On the day of the proposal, you’ll want to keep the engagement ring on your person until the big moment arrives. Our advice to you; ditch the black velvet box the ring comes in. It’s bulky, uncomfortable to have in your pocket and no matter where you hide it, it creates a noticeable lump. Either place the ring in a zipped pocket to keep it safe, or buy a special slimline ring box. There are plenty of these around – Ring Stash and Clifton are just two of the more popular choices. That way the proposal will stay a surprise right up until you bend the knee!

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