Have You Tried An Engagement Ring Hand Cookie Yet?

Yes, for some reason this is a thing now…

We’re all for sweet treats for any and every occasion. If it’s sugary or chocolatey (or preferably both), we’ll take it. So while we’re slightly confused, we’re nonetheless pleased that there’s a new treat trend in town; engagement ring hand cookies.

What the heck is that, we hear you ask? It’s simple – a cookie, in the shape of a hand, with an edible engagement ring on it. They’re all over Instagram and Pinterest, so you’ll probably be handed one the next time a friend gets engaged.

Chicago-based Alliance Bakery seem to have kick started the trend after whipping up a batch of hand cookies for an engagement party. An icing replica of the bride-to-be’s engagement ring decorated the hand-shaped shortbread cookies, and it took off from there.

While some seem to think eating a replica of a friend’s hand is a little creepy, there are clearly plenty of people out there who are more than willing to jump on the hand cookie bandwagon. Here’s a few of our favourites from a quick hashtag search:



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