Coldplay’s Chris Martin Almost Ruined a Marriage Proposal!


The ever popular ‘proposing at a concert’ trend didn’t go so well this time around…

Ed Sheeran, Adele, and even Beyonce are just some of the celebrities whose concert tours see at least one proposal per night. Apparently Coldplay have been added to that list of late, but lead singer Chris Martin isn’t quite as familiar with the process as his fellow artists!

The band are currently on tour in Australia, and Chris decided to stop their concert in Melbourne mid-way through so one man could join him on stage for a surprise proposal. The man in question, Lonardo Tanno, was pulled from the crowd to join the frontman.

Chris then invited Lonardo’s other half to join him, and helped a blonde lady make her way up the steps. After getting a quick hug from him however, she admitted that she wasn’t actually Lonardo’s girlfriend and had never even met him before. You can’t blame a girl for wanting to get on stage with Chris Martin, after all!

Luckily Chris managed to locate Lonardo’s real girlfriend instead of using a random replacement from the thousands-strong crowd, and the proposal went ahead as everyone watched. Oh, and he also quipped that they should ‘make it snappy, because people have trains to catch’. Such a romantic, Chris!


Lonardo got down on one knee in front of his actual girlfriend, Felicia Lie, and said ‘For the past three years, thank you for your love. Thank you for giving me a chance. In the midst of Coldplay, my new best friend Chris, and all of Melbourne, I just want to say I love you. Will you marry me?’

Felicia of course said yes, Chris got to finish his concert, and everyone managed to get their trains on time. Afterwards, Felicia said the proposal was a complete surprise, and she felt a mixture of disbelief and happiness when she was on the stage. She also said it was amazing that the band ‘went beyond what they were supposed to be doing’ to host the beautiful moment.

Chris and the rest of the band are definitely invited to the wedding, but whether they’ll be able to fit it into their busy tour schedule is another story. Congratulations Lonardo and Felicia!

You can watch the funny moment here:

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