There Was A Post-Super Bowl Engagement In Philadelphia

In fact, there was probably a LOT of spontaneous engagement after the Eagles’ historic win!

In case you know nothing about the Super Bowl, let us give you a quick crash course. It’s the It’s the annual championship game of the NFL, or National Football League (we’re talking American football here). It has been held every year since 1967, and usually occurs around early February. It’s a huge event for Americans and people all over the world; families crowd around TV screens to watch the action – including the always spectacular half time show – and many, many snacks are had too.

This year was Super Bowl LII, and the much anticipated game saw defending champions the New England Patriots (of which Tom Brady is the star player) take on underdogs the Philadelphia Eagles, who had never once won the championship in 52 years. The Patriots however have claimed the winning title a total of five times, and most fans were expecting them to get a sixth. BUT… it didn’t happen! The Eagles won their first EVER Super Bowl, and Philadelphia pretty much went crazy.

When we say crazy, we mean insanely crazy. The entire city erupted in impromptu street parties that lasted well into the next day. People scaled buildings, crowds cheered, sang and danced, and everyone generally had the best night of their lives. And amid the joyful chaos, one couple were so overcome with the excitement that they decided to get engaged!

The video comes from Sports Illustrated and shows a guy on one knee in the middle of street, with his very excited girlfriend jumping up and down before vigorously nodding ‘yes’. All the while, onlookers cheer them on and run towards them to offer hugs. We don’t know who the happy couple are, but we offer them our congratulations twice – one for the Eagles win, and one for the engagement!

Looks like this was definitely a night nobody will forget for a long time. Congrats to all the Eagles fans out there, especially those who ended up engaged after the big win!

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