Terrence J Has Found His Perfect Match: A Look At Mikalah’s Engagement Ring

terrence j engagement ring

You heard it hear first, Terrence J has found his perfect match.

The actor, best known for his role in The Perfect Match, surprised his model girlfriend Mikalah Sultan with a weekend proposal in Miami. The actor flew in the model’s family to witness the special moment when she said yes. And thankfully, she said yes.

Mikalah took to Instagram to announce her engagement, holding a single red rose and proudly displaying a sparkling engagement ring for the camera. 

And we need to talk about the incredible ring. Here’s everything we know about the emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. 

What Does Mikalah’s Engagement Ring Look Like?

terrence h engagement ring

Terrence’s choice for Mikayla’s engagement ring is nothing short of breathtaking. The centerpiece is an ample emerald-cut diamond, boasting an estimated size between 9–12 carats. This substantial size not only adds grandeur but also symbolizes the abundance of love in their union.

The French-set diamond-covered band, most likely crafted from platinum, serves as a brilliant complement to the exquisite emerald-cut diamond. Platinum, known for its durability and rarity, enhances the overall durability of the ring while providing a sleek and modern aesthetic.

The choice of an emerald-cut diamond is particularly special. This cut, reminiscent of the glamorous Art Deco era of the 1920s, exudes timeless allure. The large step-cut facets of an emerald-cut diamond set it apart, emphasizing clarity over the brilliance associated with other cuts. This characteristic results in a mesmerizing hall of mirrors-like effect, as the diamond emits bursts of light from its carefully arranged facets.

To enhance the sparkle of the emerald-cut diamond, Terrence opted for a diamond-covered band; it’s safe to say we can see it from miles away.

Great choice Terrence. Roll on the wedding!

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