Prince’s Ex-Wife is Auctioning Off Her Engagement Ring



The enigmatic music superstar Prince is well known for shying away from all things internet-related when it comes to his own work. So it came as a surprise to many when recently his not-so-secretive ex-wife announced she would be auctioning off certain very personal items, among them her wedding dress, some of Prince’s clothing, and her engagement ring.

Prince met Mayte at the height of his fame in 1990. She was a dancer of Puerto Rican descent who was part of the entourage for his ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ tour. Over time, their working relationship developed and she became the focus of his next album, often providing English and Spanish vocals. One of Prince’s hits, ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in the World’, was written for Mayte, so it goes without saying that their professional relationship blossomed into a romantic one.

The pair married on Valentine’s Day in 1996, with Mayte wearing a custom made wedding dress designed by her and Prince’s head of wardrobe. The proposal story is rather cute; Prince left a series of five sweet love notes (the actual words have not yet been revealed) on pink, heart-shaped post-its, which lead her on a journey to an astonishingly beautiful ring. We’re surprised Mayte wants to get rid of it, to be honest.

It’s a central round brilliant diamond weighing in at 2.2 carats in a yellow gold, prong setting. But this is Prince we’re talking about, so that’s where the traditional aspect ends. The centre stone perches over twisted shoulders (think a tension setting, but different), each with 8 channel set round diamonds. Definitely a unique piece.


The auctioneers note that the stone is ‘cut with a high crown, with ring showing good clarity as well as good white fluorescence…. A remarkable, romantic piece from one the greatest entertainers the world has ever known.’ We’re inclined to agree!

Sadly, Prince and Matye went their separate ways and divorced after four years of marriage, allegedly because of the strain caused by the loss of two babies. It’s not all bad, however; Prince has also auctioned off plenty of his own personal effects including a Gibson guitar, and the pair are said to have an amicable friendship now.

The ring and romantic love notes can be all yours for a minimum of $100,000. Any takers?

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