Lunden and Olivia’s Engagement Rings: The Story Behind The Diamonds

In a love story that seems straight out of a fairytale, social media has been buzzing since the surprise double engagement of TikTok’s beloved couple, Olivia Bennett and Lunden Stallings. The couple tied the knot under the stars in a magical ceremony in Roswell, GA, leaving fans calling the Lunden and Olivia wedding their very own Roman Empire.

Their story began a little over two years ago when Olivia reached out to Lunden inquiring about golden retriever puppies. What started as a simple question about a shared love for golden retrievers led to a surprising discovery — Olivia’s golden, Howie, and Lunden’s mom’s golden, Rosie, were brother and sister from the same litter. 

Fate was already at play, setting the stage for a serendipitous connection. Here’s the story of their engagement.

From Texas to Georgia: A Fateful Reunion

Fast forward to May 2021 when Lunden received a promotion that brought her to Atlanta, Georgia. Unbeknownst to her, Olivia was already here. A chance meeting rekindled their connection, and in that moment, they knew their lives were forever entwined.

They couple quickly became attached at the hip, and it wasn’t long before both were planning to propose. 

Unbeknownst to each other, they both had the same idea. Both planned to propose during their upcoming trip to Charleston, South Carolina. They came up with the same idea, down to the activity — a sunset sailboat ride. Engaging different photographers, they both prepared to get down on one knee.

The Sailboat Surprise: Tears, Kisses, and Laughter

Lunden and Olivia's engagement rings

May 19th, 2022, marked the day of their double proposals. 

As Lunden and Olivia sailed into the sunset, each had butterflies, unaware of the other’s plans. The moment arrived, and Lunden made his heartfelt proposal, only to be momentarily shocked when Olivia, instead of saying an immediate yes, paused and said, “Lunden, wait.” 

Olivia took out her own ring from her dress pocket, revealing that she, too, had planned to propose. The boat floor became the stage for their shared laughter, tears, and the beginning of a lifetime together.

Let’s Talk About Lunden And Olivia’s Rings

lunden and Olivia engagement rings

Lunden’s ring features an east-west solitaire emerald cut diamond on a white gold band. Simple, understated but with a twist (both metaphorical and physical). The ratio of the diamond is perfect, it fits and suits her dainty finger perfectly. It’s also important to note that the ring is set slightly off center on the ring: a small, but really important detail.

Olivia’s sparkler is a much simpler design: it’s a solitaire princess cut on a white gold band. Again, classic, understated, but oh so effective. 

Cheers to the newlyweds, Olivia and Lunden, and their extraordinary double engagement extravaganza!

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