Kelsey Kotzur’s Engagement Ring: A New Ring For A New Chapter

From spilling the tea on influencer events to sharing her favorite fashion finds, Kelsey Kotzur is one of Brooklyn’s realest it-girls. With over 250,000 followers on TikTok, her videos make you feel like you’re Facetiming a friend, and she had all quarter of a million of us sobbing when she announced her re-engagement to her ex fiance, Jared.

Yes, you read that right.

In February 2022, Kelsey took to TikTok in a heart wrenching clip to explain that they had called off the engagement. They had been together most of their twenties and it just wasn’t the right time. Luckily, the right time came back around (and quickly). The pair started talking again in September and he has since proposed again. Talk about soul mates. 

Understandably, Kelsey didn’t feel right getting engaged with the same ring she wore when they ended their relationship the first time around. Enter, the re-design. 

Let’s take a look at Kelsey’s new engagement ring.

What Does Kelsey’s New Engagement Ring Look Like?

Kelsey’s original engagement ring was an emerald diamond in a solitaire setting. Lovely, nice, but pretty simplistic. Kelsey’s engagement ring round two is something special. The same emerald diamond is now held in a really unique bypass style bezel setting. In her original ring there were two emeralds incorporated into the band, this time around, they sit behind the diamond. Not visible to the naked eye, but Kelsey and Jared both know they are still there.

The bypass style is a distinctive setting that deviates from the traditional symmetrical designs. In this setting, the band of the ring seems to “bypass” the center stone in an asymmetrical manner. This non-traditional arrangement adds a sense of movement and dynamic energy to the overall design, which seems to fit with Kelsey and Jared’s story. They needed to move away from each other before coming back to continue their lives together. 

A match made in heaven.

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