Is Taylor Swift Engaged? Let’s Talk About That Ring

taylor swift engagement ring

We need to talk about Taylor Swift’s engagement ring. Or rather, her not-an-engagement ring.

Over the weekend, Swifties everywhere spotted a very special piece of jewelry on that finger, setting tongues wagging that her beau Travis Kelce had proposed. Engagement rumours have been circling for some time, with a source sharing that the Kansas City Chiefs player had already asked Swift’s father for her hand in marriage.

Alas, it wasn’t to be. At least

Keleigh Sperry, who is married to fellow actor Miles Teller and very much in Swift’s squad, took to Instagram to set the record straight. Across a close-up shot of the pear-shaped ring were the words, “Love this ring I had made for my friend, she’s bejeweled.” With one post, she set the record straight, but we can’t not talk about the cracker of a ring.

Here’s what about we know about it.

What did Taylor’s ring look like?

Taylor’s new ring boasts a 15ct white opal stone surrounded by a halo of blue topaz stones. A special choice, as it’s well known Taylor’s favorite stone is opal — it was a a source of comfort when she was bullied in high school. As if that wasn’t enough, opal is also Travis’ birthstone, and topaz is Taylor’s (safe to say we can see where the fan theories came from).

The inclusion of a halo adds to its sentimentality as a circle of smaller stones (in this case, topaz) surrounding a central stone mirrors the idea of love encircling. 

While it’s clearly high in sentimental value, it’s not as expensive as you might think.

Topaz has become cheap due to oversupply, and while opal can range in price as a general rule expensive stones aren’t paired with cheap stones, making it unlikely that the opal in Taylor’s ring is particularly valuable. With all of this in mind, I’d estimate the ring to be worth $20,000 at the most.

A very expensive present for a friend, but pretty inexpensive as far as what we would expect for an engagement ring from Mr Americana himself.

We know it’s not an engagement ring, but it begs the question, if not now, then when?

When is Travis Kelce going to propose?

We aren’t expecting an engagement between these two anytime soon. The love story between Swift and Kelce began in July 2023, when Kelce expressed his desire to meet Swift and exchange numbers with the pop star after attending her Eras Tour concert in Kansas City. The rest was history and the pair have been dating since. 

Their public appearances together started in September 2023, which is also when Swift attended her first Chiefs game, donning team gear and cheering on Kelce from a private box alongside his mother, Donna. 

Since then, she’s been a regular at both regular season and playoff games, a true NFL fan now (which is a good thing, as apparently, Kelce’s special plans include incorporating diamonds from his two Super Bowl rings into Taylor’s future engagement ring.) Beyond diamonds, Kelce also wants the ring to have a special engraving. He wants to make sure it isn’t something cheesy, but more unique and something that is a part of him that he shares with her to show that forever means forever.

While there’s no ring anytime soon, it sounds like it’ll be worth the wait.

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