How To Help Her Choose Her Dream Engagement Ring

It’s becoming more and more common for newly-engaged couples to pick out a ring together – and we think that’s great! But let’s be honest; the engagement ring is really all about the bride-to-be. While she pores over different diamonds and settings, the groom-to-be can feel like he’s getting in the way, or like he’s a spare part, or like he’s just there to hand over the credit card. It should be a fun and memorable moment for BOTH of you, not just her. So, here’s how you can get involved in the process and help her pick that beautiful new bling!

Do the leg work

Many couples don’t realise that buying an engagement ring is more than just rocking up to a jewellery store and saying “I’ll take this one!” There are in fact many little decisions you’ll need to make to ensure you get that perfect ring. While she should have the final say on the ring she wears, that doesn’t mean you can’t help with everything else. Let her focus on choosing a style – you can support her by planning which jewelers to visit and when, crunching numbers to determine your budget, or even keeping a catalogue of ‘contender’ rings she saw and liked.

Read the fine print

When faced with thousands of glittering diamonds, it can be easy to get caught up in the sparkle. Since she’s the one who’ll be wearing the engagement ring for the rest of her life, we suggest letting her enjoy that aspect of ring shopping. It’s a once in a lifetime thing, after all. You, on the other hand, can do all the boring but important tasks – yay! That means inspecting the certificate and/or grading report that comes with the diamonds, reading up on the jeweler’s returns policy or terms and conditions, finding out about deposits, payment methods, etc. etc. etc. See? We told you it wasn’t all that simple.

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Look out for styles she likes

Whether you’re searching alone or as a team, it’s very rare to find the perfect engagement ring right off the bat. It can take weeks or even months of trawling through Pinterest, Insta, jeweler’s websites and stores to find ‘the one’… kind of like searching for a soulmate! That means it can often become frustrating too, and that’s where you step in. If you’re attentive it won’t take long before you get to know what kind of rings she likes. You can help by joining in on the social media browsing – take five minutes to scroll through some ring images, and if you see one she might like, share the link with her. Even if you get it totally wrong, she’ll definitely appreciate the effort!

Offer your opinions (IF she asks!)

When you’re trying to make a tough decision, there’s nothing worse than asking someone for advice and getting ‘I don’t know, do whatever you want’ as an answer. Engagement ring shopping is no different! If she asks you if you like a ring, give your honest opinion. Try to be a little less vague than ‘sure, it’s nice’ – tell her WHAT you like about it and WHY you think it’s the one she should have. On the other side however, don’t feel the need to share your every thought about each ring she casts her eye over. And if you really don’t like a style she’s chosen, be tactful. Instead of just saying ‘I hate it’, offer something more constructive like ‘maybe that style with a few modifications like x would be better?’

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