Guys, Here’s How to Secretly Find Out What Engagement Rings She Likes


We recently wrote about whether or not you should ask your other half what engagement ring she wants. There were strong cases on both sides of the argument, but we’ve found a solution that keeps both sides happy. If you can secretly find out what kind of rings she likes and dislikes, you can still pull off that romantic surprise proposal AND get her a ring she’ll love forever. Here’s how to do it…

Go Social Media Stalking

If she’s a tech savvy lady she’ll most definitely have Instagram and Pinterest accounts. These are a treasure trove of information if you know what to look for. She may not have any obvious ‘engagement rings I like the look of’ posts, but she’ll no doubt have pinned or liked a few somewhere along the way if marriage is something you’ve discussed. Scroll through her feed, look for jewellery or style accounts she follows, and you’ll pick up plenty of inspiration. Pay attention to any comments she makes on other couples’ engagement ring snaps, too.

Assess Her Fashion Tastes

You can easily tell what kind of engagement ring she’ll like by looking at her fashion sense as a whole. If she’s fond of designer labels chances are she’ll want a top quality ring. If she’s alternative, she’ll probably swing for an off-beat style or a vintage piece. If she doesn’t give a crap about fashion and wears whatever she wants, then she probably won’t have especially strong feelings about a particular ring style.


Look at Her Friend’s Engagement Rings

We’re well aware that everybody has different tastes, but at the same time like-minded people tend to have some of the same style likes and dislikes. Take a sneaky look at her friends’ engagement rings and see if there are any similarities – other than the obvious diamonds. Are they simple, blingy, solitaires or multiple stones, contemporary or classic? Just make sure not to choose something exactly the same as the rings you see – individuality is important to everyone, and she deserves something truly unique.

Go Jewellery Shopping

Take her on a shopping trip with the pretence that you need to buy a gift for a different lady in your life – a birthday present for your mother for example, or a Christmas gift for your sister. Tell her you need her help to pick something because, duh, you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to ladies’ jewellery. When you’re shopping you can ask subtle questions about certain pieces to get a feel for what she likes and dislikes. Plus, your mum or sister gets something nice to wear!


If you’re really struggling, remember there really is nothing wrong with asking. If marriage is where you both see yourself heading, then the proposal itself is never going to be a complete surprise. Plus, there’s a hell of a lot of pressure on guys to pick out the dream ring and create a memorable romantic moment. She doesn’t need to give any specifics; just a vague point in the right direction so you can do the rest. There’s still plenty of mystery AND the when, where and how element will still be a complete surprise.

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