All the Questions You’ll Get Asked About Your Engagement Ring (And More)


Are you planning on getting engaged soon? Did you just get engaged and announce it to your family and friends? Prepare yourself for an onslaught of questions from anyone and everyone. And yes, you’ll very quickly get bored of answering them over and over – despite how happy you are to tell everyone your news. Here are just a handful of the curious enquiries you can expect…

How did he/she propose?

Where did he propose?

What did he say?

Did he really get down on one knee?

Did he/she ask for your parents’ permission?

Would you like some champagne? (Yes, please)

Do you have a ring yet?

Did he pick the ring himself?

Did he pick the right style/shape/colour you wanted?

What kind of diamond is that?

Have you thought about a wedding dress yet? (um, no)

Do you know when you want to get married?

Did you know it was coming?

Did you cry?

Can I see your ring?

Can I try on your ring?

Can I take a picture of your ring?

Where did you get the ring?

How much did the ring cost? (Seriously?)

WIll you have a big wedding?

Do you like your engagement ring? (Well, duh)

Are you doing an engagement photo shoot?

Have you set a wedding date yet?

Remember you’re under no obligation to answer any of these questions. If you’re not comfortable talking about it, just say so politely and change the subject – the friend or family member will get the message pretty quickly. Just keep in mind that 99% of people have good intentions and are just curious. And always, always say yes to the champagne!

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