A Rare Flower In Bloom: Beanie Feldstein’s Engagement Ring

Beanie Feldstein’s engagement ring is as unique as they come: a floral-inspired, cushion-cut cluster with an extra special twist.

Just a few days after announcing that she’s engaged to girlfriend Bonnie Chance Roberts, the Funny Girl star gave us the proposal details (and the ring close up) we’ve all been waiting for. Gushing about Roberts’s elaborate surprise proposal, which involved many of her family members and close friends, she quipped “It turns out everyone in my life was lying to me.”

Here’s everything we know about her beautiful ring.

What does Beanie Feldstein’s ring look like?

Beanie’s engagement ring is shaped like a flower, with an antique cushion-cut diamond surrounded by 14 smaller pear-shaped stones, all set on yellow gold. 

The flower-inspired design of Beanie’s engagement ring is both timeless and romantic. The one large, central diamond serves as the focal point, symbolizing the strength and unity of the relationship. The antique cushion-cut diamond is known for its romantic and soft appearance, contributing to the overall vintage charm of the ring. 

The 14 smaller teardrop stones surrounding it mimic delicate petals, adding an extra layer of symbolism that reflects the growth and beauty of love over time. The pear shape is often associated with tears of joy, making it a fitting choice for an engagement ring. The combination of antique and pear-shaped elements results in a design that is both classic and contemporary.

Choosing a yellow-gold band adds warmth and sophistication to the ring. Yellow gold is a classic choice that has been revered for centuries for its timeless appeal. Its warm undertones complement the brilliance of the diamonds, creating a harmonious and eye-catching combination.

Who designed Beanie’s engagement ring?

London-based jeweler Michelle Oh custom-designed Feldstein’s ring.

 “Bonnie told me that she wanted to create the most special ring possible. Something that was kind of vintage inspired in aesthetic and really one of a kind, like a rare flower in bloom,” Oh explained. 

Beanie showed her appreciation for Oh’s handiwork by commenting on her post, “the most beautiful ring to ever exist i’m so grateful,” while Roberts wrote, “Beyond my dreams and imagination! Most perfect ring for the most perfect girl.”

It’s safe to say, she got it perfect.

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