What Your Coloured Gemstone Engagement Ring Says About You


Coloured gemstones are becoming increasingly more common in engagement rings, and it’s a trend we can’t help but love. Not that there’s anything wrong with diamonds. Diamonds are classy, always stylish, and traditional. But adding colour is a fantastic way to make your engagement ring stand out and to express your personality. With that in mind, here are 9 popular coloured gemstones and what they say about you, if you choose to have them in your engagement ring.


You’re not afraid to buck trends and you prefer to go against the grain whenever possible. Shunning diamonds just wasn’t enough – you had to shun the most popular coloured gemstones (ruby and sapphire) too! You love golden age glamour like Jackie O’s engagement ring and you know that the diamond/emerald combo is simply irresistible. You may even have Colombian or Irish roots – or you’re just in love with green!


You’re sophisticated, passionate, know what you want, and you’re super chic to boot. The dark red allure of ruby was the only thing that would live up to your high expectations when it came to finding your dream engagement ring. You have an appreciation for fine jewellery, and your ring may well be an antique or heirloom piece. You already have your eye on some more ruby red jewellery to match.   


You wanted an engagement ring fit for a princess (hello Kate Middleton!), but still with a pop of colour and contemporary style. Sapphire was the perfect solution; it’s the perfect partner for white gold and diamonds, pairs with a wide range of colours, and is classic and modern all in one; just like you! You enjoy staying in touch with fashion trends, but you also have your own unique style.  



You march to the beat of your own drum and wanted an engagement ring to match. Your style is more understated than the ruby/sapphire/emerald brides out there; you’d rather put your own simple twist on a time-honoured tradition. The cool, calming blue of aquamarine reflects your laid-back, unique style, and it’s just different enough to get heads turning without being the centre of attention.  


Chances are you’ve paired your morganite stone with a rose gold band. You’re a trend-setter and you absolutely adore the metal of the moment. You wanted an ultramodern ring that complemented your skin tone, was a style cut above the rest, and was subtle and elegant. You’re probably what some people would call a ‘girly girl’ and you put a lot of thought and effort into your style, engagement ring included.

Fancy Diamond

You never sell yourself short and you never settle for second best. You’re confident, have impeccable style, and enjoy the finest things in life from engagement rings to food and everything in between. You (or your significant other) searched high and low for the perfect fancy colour diamond for your engagement ring. We’re guessing it’s canary yellow, or maybe even pink, and is near flawless.



You wanted something completely different for your engagement ring, and your style can generally be described as ‘alternative yet classy’. You’re probably a fan of fantasy novels like the Lord of the Rings, and you’re quite possibly into spirituality, mythology and the like. You’re also a thrifty shopper and may well have picked out your engagement from somewhere like Etsy, or even designed it yourself – you’re very creative.


You’re somewhere between the Moonstone description above and the cultivated sapphire/ruby gang. Creative, sophisticated, a lover of old world fashion and savvy enough to pull it off in the modern age. You probably found your engagement ring from an alternative source (i.e. not a high street jewellery store) and have planned your entire wedding theme around it. You’re thoughtful, a little sentimental, and have great taste.


You never even considered a diamond solitaire engagement ring; you’re all about being a unique individual. You’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd; in fact you go out of your way to do it. You may have a liking for goth or metal style, or you just love dressing in black – and the glossy finish of onyx reflects your chic style.  You’ve teamed your stone with either diamonds and white gold/platinum or gone all-out with black metal too.

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