Katie Maloney’s 2 Carat Pear Shape Champagne Diamond

Katie Maloney engagement ring

Tom Schwartz gave Katie Maloney a ring, and thankfully it wasn’t on a string this time! 

The last time Tom Schwartz presented Katie Maloney with a ring, it didn’t go over so well — but practice definitely makes perfect, and round two went off without a hitch. 

Tom eventually sealed the deal with a unique pear-shaped engagement ring.

Here’s everything we know about it.

What Does Katie Maloney’s Engagement Ring Look Like?

Katie’s engagement ring is a champagne pear-shaped engagement ring

The pear-shaped center diamond weighs in at approximately two carats and is a unique rose cut. This cut is characterized by a flat base and a domed top with a varying number of triangular facets arranged in a symmetrical pattern. The cut has a vintage feel, and it is known for its soft glow rather than the intense sparkle associated with modern brilliant cuts. It is set in a custom-made, 14-karat rose gold setting and slightly elevated to give it that royal, elegant look, with small pave white diamonds on the setting, 

While the center stone and setting was so unique, Tom didn’t stop there — he made sure to add a very special detail to the design. Tom was born in October and the birthstone color should be pink. Instead of using a pink stone, he set a tiny pink sapphire inside of the band, as you can see in the picture.

Now, when Katie wears the ring, Tom will always be with her in the form of the pink sapphire. HEART. IS. SHATTERED. 

How Much Is Katie’s Ring Worth?

Depending on the quality of the diamond and the design, we’d estimate it would cost around $25,000. It was crafted by LA-based celebrity jeweler Kyle Chan, so we can assume it would be a great quality. However, champagne diamonds, also known as brown diamonds, are typically less expensive than colorless or near-colorless diamonds. Because of this, we’d estimate Katie’s ring to be worth around $25,000. This is significantly lower than many of the other Vanderpump Rules engagement rings, but is no less special.

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