Here’s 100 Years of Engagement Rings in 3 Minutes


So much bling!

Are you in search of some engagement ring inspiration? Are you looking for an antique ring but having trouble grappling with the different eras and designs out there? Do you just like looking at pretty diamonds and jewellery? Then take 3 minutes to watch this video: have produced this very informative and fun piece showcasing the ‘typical’ engagement ring from every decade since the 1910s, complete with close-up views of the settings as well as how they look when worn on the hand. Some jazzy music characteristic of each decade makes an appearance too, and even the manicure fashion trends are down to a tee.

It’s really interesting to watch how much trends have changed, reverted, morphed and transformed over just one century, and how much they’re linked to general fashion trends too. Our favourite is the 1930s bling, for the record.

Watch, get inspired, and enjoy!

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