Everything You Need To Know About Brendan Hunt’s Engagement Ring

Coach Beard is wifing up.

The season three finale of Ted Lasso may have been and gone, but Brendan Hunt, who plays Coach Beard on the popular Apple TV+ show, isn’t done with keeping us on our toes. 

The actor recently took to Instagram to reveal his engagement to long term partner Shannon Nelson. The actor posted a photo of his soon-to-be-wife, showing off her new engagement ring: ‘The majestic @snoopshann, so rarely photographed in her natural habitat, captured here in the act of saying ‘yes,’ he wrote. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the emerald diamond on a gold pavé band.

What Kind Of Engagement Ring Did Brendan Give Shannon?

Shannon’s engagement ring is an emerald cut diamond on a gold pave band, but with a twist. Well, less of a twist, and more of a 90 degree rotation. 

Shannon’s ring is an elongated cushion shape, set horizontally on a gold pave band. 

The elongated emerald shape offers a unique twist on the classic cut, elongating the silhouette for a distinctive and eye-catching appearance. The emerald cut, recognized for its elegant simplicity, is known for its rectangular form with trimmed corners. It typically displays elongated facets and a modest pavilion, contributing to the gem’s understated brilliance and fire. This shape is renowned for its timeless appeal and traditional charm.

In Shannon’s case, we’re going to take that traditional charm, and give it a little pizazz

The beautiful diamond sits horizontal, rather than vertically, on the gold pave band. Also known as east-west settings, horizontal settings are less common than the traditional vertical settings. The horizontal setting accentuates the elongated emerald even more. It’s a win in our book, and a win in Shannon’s. She also dedicated an Instagram post in honor of their engagement. “We are a family,” she wrote in her caption. “A beautiful wonderful family and will be for always. Some folks have assumed we had already done this, but truth be told we had other priorities in becoming a family. Now it feels right. I get to marry this beautiful man. I get to call him my husband and to be his wife and I am the luckiest.❤️.”

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