Ever wondered what an 80-carat engagement ring looks like?


Well, wonder no more…

For some brides, the bigger the diamond, the better. But we think this one may just about cross the line into ‘too big’ territory. Just LOOK at this 80-carat diamond ring we spotted on the interwebs last week.

Bear in mind there’s no proof that this is a real-life diamond and not a synthetic alternative. Somehow we doubt an 80-carat diamond would be allowed out of a museum or jeweller’s collection without a lot more fanfare. Elizabeth Taylor’s famous diamond was ‘only’ 68 carats and sold for over $1 million dollars in 1969 – and that was before she made it iconic! Mariah Carey’s engagement ring is a diminutive 35 carats by comparison too, and she’s marrying a billionaire.

Whatever this 80-carat stone really is, there’s no doubt it’s massive. It almost dwarfs the models hand and the emerald cut only makes it look even bigger. Let’s just take a second to imagine actually wearing that in everyday life. Your hand would be weighed down and you would be unable to do anything with your left hand except break things and injure people. Not exactly practical.

Brides, remember bigger isn’t always better. If you can afford a Mariah Carey or Beyonce sized engagement ring then by all means go for it. But if you have your heart set on an 80-carat beauty like this one maybe try to curtail your expectations a little bit. Just saying.

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