Emma Stone’s Stoneless Engagement Ring

Emma Stone's engagement ring

If you haven’t heard, actress Emma Stone’s engagement ring rocked the boat in the world of celebrity blind. When her fiancé, Saturday Night Live writer Dave McCary proposed last year, he set a new standard for celebrity engagement rings (that doesn’t break the bank).

Dave popped the question with an antique-style engagement ring that is not only unique… but a lot more affordable than you would think. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Emma’s stone (without a center stone).

What Does Emma Stone’s Engagement Ring Look Like?

Emma Stone’s engagement ring featuring a luminous center pearl surrounded by a delicate cluster of diamonds. Celebs sporting massive rocks is the Hollywood standard, so we were thrilled to see an A-lister ditch the carat count entirely! But this non-traditional choice also signaled the start of a wedding comeback for pearls. 

A Hindu myth says the god Krishna drew the first pearl from the ocean and offered it to his daughter on her wedding day as an example of purity, unity and love. Many of the world’s religions consider pearls to be sacred. Representing loyalty, generosity and integrity, it makes them the perfect gem to wear on your wedding day. If it worked for Krishna’s daughter, then I’m sure it’ll work for Emma stone too…

Who Designed Emma Stone’s Engagement Ring?

Designed by jeweler Yoshinobu Kataoka, the Ayoka pearl is set in a diamond halo and rests on a diamond milgrain platinum band. The stunning ring, which is called Pearl Snowflake Ring-Supreme, starts at $4,780.

As far as celebrity rings go, this is definitely on the affordable side, which is a breath of fresh air in a world where celeb rings can be worth more than their holiday homes. Paris Hilton, we’re looking at you!

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