Chay Barnes’ Engagement Ring: A Blinding Diamond

Marshall Glaze is engaged to Chat Barnes. Here's her engagement ring.

Love Is Blind star Marshall Glaze is engaged!

Marshall, who broke off his engagement to Jackie Bonds on the reality TV series, introduced girlfriend Chay Barnes during an episode of After the Altar in 2023 after the pair began dating in July.

The reality TV star announced he popped the question on the 12th Decemeber with a touching Instagram post showing off a glittering engagement ring: “The journey to ‘Happily Ever After’ started on 12.23.23 ❤️💍 #engagement,” the caption read. The proposal itself was every bit as extravagant and romantic as you may expect, complete with a red carpet, rose petals, and gigantic sign. 

No expense spared, and the same goes for Chay’s ring.

Here’s everything we know about the beautiful round cut diamond that sealed the deal.

What Does Chay Barnes Engagement Ring Look Like?

Chay’s engagement ring features a massive round diamond halo set on a platinum pavé band. The round diamond is a classic shape renowned for its timeless elegance and versatility. Its symmetrical and balanced design exudes sophistication, whilst the brilliance and fire of a well-cut round diamond make it a showstopper. Add in a halo that not only adds a touch of glamour but also accentuates the center stone, making it appear even larger and more dazzling.

The pavé band, adorned with tiny diamonds, not only adds a luxurious touch but also enhances the overall sparkle of the ring. The combination results in a ring that effortlessly blends tradition with modern beauty. It’s safe to say it’s a truly special and unique piece that will be cherished by Chay for a lifetime.

Who Designed Chay’s Engagement Ring?

Chay’s ring was a custom design by Sonu Company, a sister-run jeweler that specializes in creating custom engagement rings. They are the official jeweler for Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking, which may be the connection that led Marshall directly to them for Chay’s beautiful stone.

Clearly, he chose the right jewelers to bring his vision to life. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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