Bianca Wallace’s Engagement Ring: One Peridot and Two Diamonds

Bianca Wallace's engagement ring

You heard it here first: Iona Gruffudd and Bianca Wallace are engaged. 

The actor, best known for his role in Fantastic Four, proposed to Bianca, whom he’s been dating since 2021, just one year after finalizing his divorce from Alice Evans. The couple announced the happy news via a joint Instagram post, captioned: “The most precious thing happened.” 

They shared a photo of themselves hugging while Bianca shows off her impressive engagement ring, which is a statement in itself. Here’s everything we know about Bianca’s incredible trilogy ring. 

What Does Bianca’s Engagement Ring Look Like?

Bianca’s engagement ring is a three stone trilogy ring featuring a peridot stone flanked by two diamonds. The trilogy setting symbolizes the past, present, and future of the couple, creating a meaningful and romantic design.

The vibrant peridot, with its distinctive green hue, is a unique but special choice of stone. Peridots are known to symbolize positive energy, good fortune, and love, which makes it a great choice for an engagement ring if you’re asking us… The peridot’s presence in the trilogy setting not only adds a pop of color but also holds sentimental significance, representing the journey and growth of the couple’s relationship.

The two diamonds that flank the peridot add brilliance and sparkle. Diamonds, known for their durability and timeless appeal, complement the peridot beautifully, creating a harmonious and balanced design. The symbolism of the trilogy setting combined with the enduring qualities of diamonds makes Bianca’s ring a timeless and meaningful representation of commitment.

The choice of a trilogy setting also reflects a sense of balance and unity in the design, with each stone playing a crucial role in creating a cohesive and visually appealing piece. The setting allows light to interact with the gemstones, enhancing their brilliance and creating a captivating display of radiance.

Overall, Bianca’s engagement ring is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry; it tells a story. And what a wonderful story it’s turning out to be. Roll on the wedding!

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