Vivian Benitez’ Engagement Ring: A Ring Worth Waiting For

In a heartwarming announcement on Instagram, actress Vivian Benitez shared the joyous news of her engagement to actor Rufus Sewell. The British actor, known for playing the notorious bad guy in The Holiday, got down on one knee in Italy, by the Trevi Fountain. Idyllic or what?

Vivian took to Instagram, to showcase her dazzling engagement ring, captioning the post “Till death (or him continuing to walk on bathmats with his outside shoes) do us part.”

The couple’s journey began in February 2019, and despite their age difference (a not-insignificant 20 years), they found a connection that blossomed into a deep and meaningful relationship. 

Here’s everything we know about her engagement ring.

What Does Vivian’s Engagement Ring Look Like?

Rufus sewell engagement ring for vivian Benitez

Rufus Sewell’s choice of an elegant engagement ring, featuring a 1.25-carat round cut diamond in a solitaire setting on a gold band, has drawn attention. With 58 facets, round-cut diamonds reflect the most intense sparkle of all diamond shapes. Prized for their versatility, they harmonize seamlessly with various engagement ring settings, making them the most desired diamond shape on the market.​The ring is understated and modest, estimated to be worth just $10,000, which is a steal in the world of celebrity engagement rings. 

As Rufus Sewell and Vivian Benitez embark on this journey towards marriage, their engagement becomes a testament to the enduring power of love, irrespective of age differences.

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