Sofia Richie’s Engagement Ring: The It Girl’s Ring

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the wedding of 2023 (and possibly the century) will be littering your TikTok FYP. 

You’ve seen the videos of the rich and famous singing along to the lifestyles of the rich and famous at Sofia and Elliot’s reception, and the breathtaking clips of Sofia walking down the aisle as Stephen Sanchez serenaded her. But have you seen the ring that started it all off?

With her impeccable style and a lineage that shines as bright as the stars, Sofia Richie has always commanded attention. Her engagement ring from her fiance Elliot, a successful entrepreneur, was never going to be any different. 

Join us as we delve into the enchanting universe of Sofia Richie’s exquisite emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. 

What kind of ring is Sofia Richie’s engagement ring?

At the center of Sofia Richie’s engagement ring sits a magnificent emerald-cut diamond. And when we say magnificent, we mean magnificent. Known for its sleek and elongated facets, the emerald cut exudes sophistication and showcases a mesmerizing play of light and shadow. This choice highlights Sofia’s refined taste and brings a sense of contemporary flair to the ring. Did we mention it could easily clock in at 10 carats?

Unsurprisingly, Sofia’s diamond boasts remarkable clarity, free from visible imperfections. This clarity grade ensures that the stone sparkles with exceptional brilliance, captivating all who gaze upon it. 

The emerald-cut diamond is elegantly showcased in a sleek and minimalist platinum setting. The clean lines and understated design of the setting emphasize the diamond’s natural beauty, allowing it to take center stage. The choice of platinum not only enhances the ring’s overall durability but also complements the diamond’s brilliance, creating a harmonious union of strength and grace.

Who designed Sofia Richie’s engagement ring?

The genius behind the captivating design of Sophia Richie’s engagement ring is none other than the renowned jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb. Known for her exceptional talent and artistry, Stephanie Gottlieb has established herself as a visionary in the world of fine jewelry.

With a passion for creating extraordinary designs, Stephanie combines exquisite craftsmanship with a deep understanding of the significance of each piece she creates. Her creations are celebrated for their attention to detail, timeless elegance, and ability to capture the essence of the wearer. 

How much did Sofia’s ring cost?

Hold on to your hats. A lot.

Whilst it’s not been publicly disclosed, we can take an educated guess. With a diamond as large as 8 carats, the value of the ring could be in the region of $400,000. Well worth it for the girl of the moment.

While we may not know the exact cost, one thing is certain: it is a priceless expression of devotion and affection. May Sofia’s ring continue to sparkle with the radiance of their love for years to come.

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