Ruby Bhogal’s Engagement Ring: The Sweetest Thing

ruby bhogal engagement ring

Ruby Bhogal is engaged!

The Great British Baking Show star, 34, announced the happy news on Instagram that she is set to marry BBC presenter James Stewart. She also shared the story of Stewart’s proposal, which didn’t exactly go as planned. “POV: you’re prancing around New York unaware you’re about to be proposed to 😬⁣,” Bhogal began the post, referring to clips she shared of Stewart filming her as she walked ahead of him during a trip to New York City. As he filmed, he held an open ring box, unbeknownst to Bhogal, waiting for the perfect moment to propose.

But here’s the kicker. 

It wasn’t just one ring, it was two. 

Inside the vintage orange ring box sat one ring with an intricate gold band featuring a large green central stone, nestled next to a unique gold multi-band ring. 

I love this life 🖤🥰⁣,” she wrote. “Time to start planning a big FAT Indian wedding but all I’m thinking about is the CAKE am I right?!”

What Does Ruby’s Engagement Ring(s) Look Like?

ruby bhogal engagement ring

Ruby’s engagement ring is a one-of-a-kind. Designed by British designer Ruth Tomlinson, it features a beautiful  emerald framed by clusters of raw emeralds, grey diamonds and golden barnacles, on a lightly textured band. The design is a nod to an Art Deco aesthetic with an asymmetric arrangement of grey and white diamonds nestling the emerald.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also has a complimentary second ring: this time a gold multi-band ring. The gold bands feature tiny white diamonds in asymmetrical clusters set amongst granules of yellow gold. Exquisite if you’re asking us.

Ruby explained that there was method in the madness: She said “This was me being cheeky and wanting stacking rings to go with the main ring so I have eternal choice on how to wear them. The fact he fell for it and actually did it? Keeper.” 

The real question now… is who is baking the cake?

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