Everything You Need To Know About That Dodi Fayed Engagement Ring

The sixth and final season of the Emmy award winning The Crown has just hit Netflix, and we need to talk about that Dodi Fayed engagement ring. Set in the late 90s, the new series chart Princess Diana’s final days – heavily focusing on her relationship with Dodi Fayed, son of Egyptian billionaire and Harrods owner, Mohamed Al-Fayed.

We see Dodi purchase an engagement ring for the late Princess of Wales. Though parts of the series are fictionalized, we know that a ring was recovered at Dodi’s apartment after their tragic deaths — alongside a receipt for the Repossi jewelry store.

But was it an engagement ring? And if so, what did it look like?

What Did Diana’s Ring Look Like?

The ring in question is certainly a looker. It features an emerald cut diamond at the center, accented with four trillion cut diamonds on each side that are bordered by a yellow gold trim. 

Further accentuating the rings sparkle, it has a wide pave band that boasts at least 40 round cut diamonds. 

The ring is reportedly inscribed with “Dis-moi Oui,” which means “Tell me yes” in French – a particularly romantic touch. It’s worth noting that it has an almost costume feel to it, and is worlds apart from the engagement ring the late princess received from Prince Charles.

But Was It An Engagement Ring?

While Diana probably would not have been surprised to receive a ring from Dodi, given his penchant for buying her gifts, she certainly wasn’t looking to get married again… I think we can all agree that Diana needed another marriage like she needed a slap in the face.

As for the ring itself, Dodi was set to inherit a fortune. 

He had a $300,000 monthly allowance, and yet, this ring was priced at a modest $11,000. 

The Al Fayed’s wanted to align themselves publicly with the royal family. Knowing Diana’s engagement ring was going to be the focus of every media outlet around the world, the theory goes he would never have presented her at this price point. While we can speculate, we’ll never know the truth behind the ring or these star-crossed lovers.

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