Brittany Mattessich’s Jaw Dropping Engagement Ring

brittany mattessich's engagement ring

Congratulations are in order. 

Frank Catania Sr. of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has popped the question to his girlfriend — sorry, now fiance — Brittany Mattessich. 

Brittany took to Instagram to share the happy news, referring to Frank as the one who has made her “the happiest girl in the world.” The couple first met when Catania began serving as Mattessich’s fitness trainer, forging a friendship that spanned a decade before evolving into a romantic relationship early last year. Now, they are ready to take it to the next level. 

Let’s take a look at the princess cut diamond Frank engaged with.

What Does Brittany’s Engagement Ring Look Like?

Frank Catania’s choice for Brittany’s engagement ring is nothing short of opulent, featuring a show-stopping 12-carat princess-cut diamond as the centerpiece. This sizable diamond not only signifies grandeur but also symbolizes the magnitude of his love.

The meticulous choice of a double French-set diamond band adds an extra layer of elegance to the ring. The double band not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also amplifies the brilliance of the princess-cut diamond. The French setting, known for its intricate detailing and secure placement of stones, ensures that each diamond in the band contributes to the ring’s overall sparkle.

Princess-cut diamonds, renowned for their distinctive four-pointed corners, provide a contemporary twist to the traditional engagement ring. The square shape with well-defined corners adds a modern flair while maintaining the timeless appeal of a classic design. With over 70 facets, princess-cut diamonds offer exceptional brilliance and scintillation. Each facet plays a crucial role in reflecting and refracting light, creating a dazzling display that captures attention from every angle. This feature makes princess-cut diamonds a perfect choice for those who desire a ring that radiates with unmatched luminosity.

Opting for a princess-cut diamond ring is a deliberate departure from conventional curved designs. The square shape and pointed corners of princess-cut diamonds make a bold statement, showcasing both Brittany’s individuality and the uniqueness of their love story.It’s safe to say Frank Catania clearly spared no expense when buying Brittany’s engagement ring. Roll on the wedding.

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