6 Engagement Ring Myths Men Believe


If you’re a lady, you’ve probably thought about whether you want an engagement ring or not when the time comes. You may have an idea of what style you want, and you may even have your entire wedding already planned in your head. Basically, women are at least a little familiar with the concept of buying an engagement ring. For most men however, this is not the case.

There are exceptions of course, but most men approach the process of buying an engagement ring with a bewildered, slightly fearful expression on their faces. Since they’re not in the habit of wearing rings and may not be as fashion conscious as their female counterparts, the various decisions they have to make (stone size, metal type, setting, etc.) can be overwhelming. In the worst cases, a confused fiance-to-be will believe pretty much anything you tell them about engagement rings.

Here are a selection of our favourite engagement ring myths men (and women) often fall for, and why they’re not true…

The Myth: You Should Spend 2 Month’s Salary on a Diamond

This is one of the most enduring engagement ring myths, and we don’t even know where to start with debunking it. Firstly, it’s an ad campaign that was started by diamond company DeBeers back in the 1980s with the goal to get people to spend more on diamonds! Secondly, it doesn’t exactly take account of the market value of diamonds. Thirdly, everyone’s salary is different!

The Truth: You should spend whatever amount you’re comfortable with. If you want to blow all your savings, nobody will stop you. If not, that’s perfectly fine too.  

The Myth: Bigger Diamonds are Always Better

Because diamonds are so rare, the bigger a stone is the more valuable must be. Right? Wrong. Well, sort of. Diamonds are valued according to four characteristics, and carat size is just one of them. The other three are colour, clarity and cut and they all carry equal weight when they come under the jeweller’s magnifying glass. So a huge diamond with poor clarity could actually be worth a lot less than a small, flawless diamond.

The Truth: You need to look at a diamond’s overall quality, not just its size. Read up on the ‘4 Cs’ before you hit the jewellery stores, and remember to get a certificate that proves the quality of your chosen diamond!


The Myth: There’s Only One Type of Engagement Ring

Oh boy, have you not read this blog before? While a diamond solitaire on a gold band was the standard engagement ring once upon a time, these days pretty much anything goes. Three-stone rings, coloured gemstones like emeralds or rubies, rings made out of wood… a modern engagement ring is whatever you want it to be.  

The Truth: Any ring that your other half wants to wear as a symbol of your love is an engagement ring. Whatever form it takes, if it speaks to you, it’s the one for you.

The Myth: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

A lot of men tend to think that a diamond engagement ring is every girl’s dream. While it’s fair to say that many women may have daydreamed about getting one when they were younger, tastes are bound to change as we grow. Coloured gemstones are becoming ever more popular and while diamonds are still the most common choice, don’t automatically assume that’s what your lady wants too.

The Truth: These days most couples discuss the possibility of getting married before the engagement happens. There’s no harm in asking your bride to be about her ideal engagement ring at this time too. You can still keep the proposal as a surprise even if the ring isn’t…

The Myth: The Jeweller Knows Best

Compared to the bewildered man who can count the number of times he’s been in a jewellery store on one hand, the jeweller behind the counter can seem like the expert of all jewellery experts. And while most of them genuinely want to help you find the best ring for you, some of them also just want to get as much cash as possible from your wallet. Just something to keep in mind.

The Truth: The jeweller definitely knows a lot, but your bride knows what she wants better than anyone else. If she offers up any hints or advice on what kind of engagement ring she would like, listen carefully!

The Myth: Everyone Wants a Surprise Proposal

Again, many people seem to think that every girl has a dream of being swept off their feet by a handsome prince charming, with a super romantic gesture for a proposal. With all these viral proposal videos around we don’t blame you if you’re one of those people. But guess what? Everyone is different, and furthermore everyone has different dreams and tastes – especially when it comes to something so personal .

The Truth: Use your own judgement. If you’re willing to marry this person you should know them pretty well, which means you’ll know whether they’d love a big public proposal or small, intimate surprise.

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