Lauren Sanchez’s Engagement Ring: A $2.5 Million Cushion Cut

Lauren Sanchez's engagement ring

It’s time to talk about the proposal of the year. And when your suitor is none other than the Amazon billionaire himself, you can expect a proposal (and a ring) that’s out of this world.

Jeff Bezos — the owner of Amazon — reportedly proposed to his girlfriend of five years while on board Koru, his new $500 million sailing yacht. 

While no official statements were issued by the couple, the colossal diamond ring sparkling from Sanchez’s finger as the pair circulated Cannes Film Festival spoke for itself.

Here’s everything we know about Lauren’s $2.5million sparkler.

Lauren Sanchez's engagement ring

What Does Lauren’s Engagement Ring Look Like?

Lauren’s ring is cushion-cut diamond. And not just any cushion diamond, a flawless 20-30 carat cushion-cut diamond. 

A cushion cut diamond is a square or rectangular-shaped diamond with rounded corners, resembling a cushion or a pillow. The gentle curves and rounded corners of cushion cut diamonds give them a soft and romantic appearance. They can make a statement while still maintaining a vintage sense of elegance and sophistication.

Despite their vintage appeal, cushion cut diamonds can still showcase impressive brilliance and sparkle. They feature large facets that allow for excellent light dispersion, creating a beautiful play of light and enhancing the diamond’s overall brilliance.

Not that this diamond needs a play of light to enhance the brilliance. It looks to be flawless.

What is a flawless diamond?

When a diamond is described as “flawless,” it means that it has no internal or external flaws, also known as inclusions and blemishes, respectively. 

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), one of the most reputable diamond grading organizations, uses a clarity grading scale to assess the presence of flaws in diamonds. The scale ranges from “Flawless” (FL) at the top to various degrees of inclusions and blemishes as the clarity grade decreases.

To achieve the “Flawless” grade, a diamond is examined under 10x magnification by a trained grader, who looks for any imperfections. If the diamond is truly flawless, they won’t find any. 

They are highly valued for their purity and are considered top-tier in terms of clarity. But top-tier doesn’t come cheap.

Lauren sanchez's engagement ring

How Much Did Lauren Sanchez’s Engagement Ring Cost?

A lot, is the short answer. 

Lauren’s ring comes with a price tag north of $2.5 million, which in reality, is loose change for a man worth $149.1 billion. This is down to the fact that the diamond is substantial, and it’s flawless. You don’t come across those everyday.

And in Jeff’s eyes, she’s worth every penny of that $2.5 million. He told CNN late last year that she“ is the most generous, most big-hearted person that you would ever meet. She is an inspiration in that way at every level. She is generous with somebody she just meets, she’s generous with every person and she’s generous in the large too.”

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